Our Core Strength is Meeting and Event Planning

Our approach is simple: apply proven and respected industry standards, while keeping true to our core values and ethics.  We also employ a high level of management and supporting services to contribute to the success of the work we do.  Simple, efficient and effective.

Our founding partners have invested a large amount of time and resources in industry associations like MPI, PCMA, ISES.  Both our founders are Certified Meeting Professionals and encourage the entire team to continually learn new skills, methods and best practices.  

Every event and meeting is different in its scope, size, requirements and other attributes.  It would take days to enumerate the vast experience this team has amassed over the years.  We are not being shy, we just know that a long list would go unread.  At anytime we are happy to share with you specific values and experiences that relate to the work you need us to do.

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What We're Awesome At

  • Meeting and Conference Planning
  • Event Management and Production
  • Food and Beverage Design and Management
  • Site Selection
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Theme Decor and Experience Creation
  • Website, Graphic Design and Presentation Support
  • Supplier Research, Vetting and Management

Where We Like to Go

  • We love to travel.  We have produced over 600 programs in 35 US states, 26 countries
  • Every continent on Planet Earth except Antarctica; we are still waiting on those penguins to stop dragging their flippers and make it a complete seven
  • Hotels, convention centers, event spaces, private residences, corporate headquarters, public spaces; basically, anywhere people come together

Our Favorite People to Work With

  • Line-X
  • FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association
  • FBI National Academy Associates
  • Institute for Child Success
  • The Boeing Company
  • Advanced Imaging Society
  • Honda Corporation
  • NASA
  • Goodwill Industries of Orange County
  • Orange County United Way
  • You...?